Avira Launches Its Digital Content Strategy with Pimcore

Avira is a German multinational security software company with 500+ employees and 240+ million users that provides protection, privacy, performance, and identity tools for computers and networks, delivered as both software and cloud-based services.

Business Needs

Avira wanted a flexible and scalable central hub for managing content and products, also from external sources. The goal was a user-friendly system with editor workflows and the possibility of managing marketing content for various company departments. And the future system also needed to be a centralized platform for managing personalized communication for all customers.

Avira needed a single-source publishing solution to better address the needs of the customers by showing them personalized, customized content. A content hub concept was created to ensure brand consistency and make the content appeal to all international audiences. They looked for a flexible solution, a future-proof content platform, with DAM and PIM capabilities, and DXP/CMS. The new system needed to be flexible enough to provide the possibility to establish a digital content and service platform in which any kind of corporate and product content could be stored.

As a global company, with a huge amount of traffic from every country of the world, global 24/7 high-performance for the delivery of all content was also an important factor.

Pimcore Solution

Pimcore is used for all areas of corporate content management in the company. In addition to pure DXP/CMS functionalities PIM, DAM, and MDM were also implemented. The solution's peculiarity is the central content hub in which any kind of corporate content can be managed and maintained. The content is managed in a structured format, independent of the output channels, and provided with Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) via APIs. A separate content creation workflow has been designed and implemented for this type of content administration. Furthermore, a simple backend search for the content hub was also implemented.

To guarantee a personalized customer experience, Pimcore uses the integrated targeting and personalization engine to automatically recommend the appropriate software option and show prices and software licenses depending on the customer's device and location.


Amazon CloudFront is used for highly scalable load balancing environment. In addition, Redis was integrated (Remote Dictionary Server), an open-source in-memory key-value data structure storage, which is characterized by its high speed and ease of use. Redis can be easily managed with the help of the optimized database service Amazon ElastiCache. A network was implemented to deliver content using Amazon CloudFront.

Furthermore, AWS Aurora RDS database cluster for the database and AWS ElastiCache Redis cluster for caching was implemented. The Pimcore environment itself is running in the Amazon Elastic Search Container Service (also called ECS for short). Docker containers are also used.

And What Does the Customer Say?

"We are happy with the decision we took to implement Pimcore as CMS for our website, as it enables non-technical end-users to easily create, maintain, and publish digital content & assets via different marketing channels." - Adrian Breaban, Product Owner

Business Results

Editors, marketing users, product managers, the design team, and other stakeholders can now manage and access all types of corporate content from one source in a single interface. Content managers can easily create new landing pages, microsites, websites for new markets, customized reseller pages, product comparisons, and much more, in an easy and fast manner. The outstanding usability of Pimcore makes it quicker and more efficient for more than 25 international editors to manage and update all content.

The solution was first deployed in 2019 and it now powers Avira’s main website, as well as the campaign landing pages, in-product notification messages and the OEM microsite, visited by millions of people each month, from all around the world. Overall conversion rate increased after the Website redesign, with Pimcore playing an essential role in the performance uplift. Pimcore also provided higher flexibility for the editors, when it comes to content creation. By providing support for editing templates and modules, the average time to market for a new campaign release decreased by more than 30% Therefore, the number of campaign releases and landing pages created significantly improved.

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