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The Freifrau Manufaktur combines design, functionality, materiality, and individuality in its seating furniture. This is exactly what the website relaunch was supposed to do, which we implemented for the brand with the favorite item
guarantee. Since 2012, the brand Freifrau Manufaktur creates and produces timeless furniture together with a team of renowned designers and newcomers with attention to detail. Every item is unique and individual.

At Freifrau, every customer gets their own personal seating furniture. The manufactory attaches great importance to this closeness to customers, because in the end what counts is that they are happy with their new piece of furniture for a very long time. In the course of a website relaunch, the challenge was to retain this individuality, which is the core of the company, while advancing the digitalization of the company. The new website based on Pimcore combines both centralized maintenance of data with the feeling of individualization for the customer.

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Upscale design and easy maintenance

Freifrau has very high standards for the furniture they develop. The unique pieces shouldn’t just be easy on the eyes, but adapt themselves to the wishes of their future owners. This aesthetic and variety of the products was at the heart of the new magazine page. For the presentation of the furniture, high-quality images and different sets of data are important, as well as their accessibility to make changes and launch updates.
"“In retrospect, by switching to Pimcore, we not only installed a user-friendly CMS with which we can conveniently manage and host our website - we now also have an internal system that functions as a central interface. Our work processes have been significantly optimized through Pimcore and the multiple use of one-time, centrally created data sets.""
Nina Hohenstein, freifrau Graphic Designer, Projectmanager

Individuality becomes the standard

The integrated link to the ERP enables the automation of all product pages. Whether it’s the dimensions of the furniture, their covers, the frame, or the matching product images – there’s one central maintenance of all the product data and asset management. All the processes involved in managing the page have been very simplified. Before you had a dispersed administration of the product images, now there’s asset management that’s automated and centralized – all the images can be used in various formats. At the same time, the system also makes all data sets and images available to other channels within the company. The two key elements of high-quality design and automated maintenance of the content can represent Freifrau and the furniture in the best possible way. And this is how it feels for the customers: There is nothing that doesn’t exist and yet everything is individually tailored to their needs.

To an MVP in only 2 months

Thanks to Pimcore and the close collaboration with Freifrau, an MVP was developed in only two months. It’s the perfect foundation for the next steps in the digitalisation of the company and can be further advanced via an iterative approach. While the centralization and automation of the product data takes place in the background, the customers can enjoy the individual product presentation on the website.

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