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GCP rents and manages apartments throughout Germany. The website is a reflection of the company and its services - one of the most important channels for their communications with tenants.

The continuous improvement of the website's performance and the planning of new functionalities are part of the set of responsibilities that belong to the GCP digital marketing team. On matters of web development, GCP works together with codafish. The agency also provides all services related to the operation of the website.

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Customer Key Facts

60 000

Requirements for performance and mobile first

Several major milestones for the further development of the website were pending - for example, a completely new design was to be implemented. The improvement of the search mask for the tenants and interested parties target groups was another project. Due to this fact, optimization for mobile devices is always at the top of the agenda: "mobile first", together with a functioning, responsive website, is a relevant topic for the real estate industry, as well, with regard to online communication with clients. "For us at GCP, it is important that newly programmed functions are set up in such a way that we can use them without detailed programming knowledge," says Isabelle Thiemeier of the digital marketing team. Not an easy task with a Pimcore-based website - to work together, as partners, to find a good and sustainable solution for every requirement. "We notice, from our KPIs, that new features bring us forward. Ultimately, it's about generating new leads. " says Isabelle Thiemeier.
"The content that our users are presented with on the website must be individually tailored to their respective needs. We are very satisfied with the newly programmed solution provided by codafish."
Isabelle Thiemeier, Junior SEA Manager

Guaranteed flexible web development

Complex requirements need a solid technological basis. At GCP, that is Pimcore. Timo Müller and Andreas Wroblewski, the CEO’s of codafish, are certified experts in the use of this web technology. Thiemeier reaffirms this: “codafish brings in-depth expertise to the work that we do together. Furthermore, we also consider it important that a service provider thinks about the special requirements inherent in our industry and proposes their own solutions based on this fact. codafish is fully invested and they actively think along - we notice that again and again, everytime that we work together." One example is the expansion of the existing search mask. For this, databases had to be reconfigured. "The interfaces have to merge - like gears," explains Isabelle Thiemeier.

Short reaction times, flexibility and easy accessibility

“The content that our users are presented with on the website must be individually tailored to their respective needs. We are very satisfied with the newly programmed solution provided by codafish. " Short reaction times, flexibility and easy accessibility are what the digital marketing team at GCP particularly values in their cooperation with codafish. Moreover, the team states: “We usually plan the necessary features for our website ourselves, but we really appreciate the fact that codafish always gives us tips on functionalities that fit our business model. This proactive approach is exactly what we had hoped for in a good working relationship with a full-service web development agency. And if something doesn't go as it should, we are able to fall back on a commonly-agreed-upon and well-developed feedback culture. We discuss the problem in our regular weekly meeting. Then, everyone knows how we can best make adjustments. "

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
Increased Website Traffic

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