Your Family’s Connectivity: Redefined!

MOODAH is a collaboration project between Telkom and Telkomsel Indonesia to give the best internet connectivity experience to families. It combines both home connectivity and mobile phone subscription plans into same package and billing. Moodah provide end to end journey from user registration, buy new SIM card online, manage account and share quota within family, buying add-on package.

Business Needs

The client aims to provide combined connectivity between home connectivity and mobile plan connectivity into a single billing to simplify  the payment and control for the family.

Pimcore Solution

Pimcore has been the platform of choice in customer data management, website/mobile apps content management and data integration to other platforms via APIs.

Business Results

Since Pimcore is able to integrate and manage multiple platforms together, this creates possibilities of offering to the client’s consumers. Also, provides accurate management of its consumer profiles. Operation team has the capability of managing the content easily and updates in real time.

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  • Moodah Telkomsel
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