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The heritage brand Schweppes is part of Krombacher Brauerei Bernhard Schadeberg GmbH & Co. KG. The brewery holds the brand and distribution rights for Schweppes in Germany and Austria through Schweppes Deutschland GmbH.

Using Pimcore, we created a brand experience platform to offer cocktail lovers one of the largest recipe databases for cocktails and mixed drinks in the German-speaking world at

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Customer Key Facts

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1,300 cocktail recipes and a top Google ranking in only two months’ time

For Krombacher, we created a digital experience platform with Pimcore which unites data from their numerous beverage brands under one "roof" and enables central maintenance in one data pool (aka a single point of truth). As part of this project, we also implemented a relaunch of the Schweppes brand website and an associated database with nearly 1,300 recipes for cocktails and mixed drinks. The move was to be completed in just two months, with content and data migrated smoothly to the new system. The move also had to avoid jeopardizing the site's outstanding Google ranking. Several tens of thousands of users from organic traffic reach Schweppes' cocktail recipes every month. Naturally, we wanted to continue achieving these great results in the future, as Schweppes intends to further expand its digital market leadership in the area of mixed drinks and is laying the foundation for this by relaunching their recipe database.

Digital Experience Platform: All data in one system

We implemented the website for Schweppes in the new Krombacher Whitelabel CMS, which we had already created during a previous project. The screen design was developed based on the existing corporate design and transferred into the platform’s design system. We merged all cocktail recipes and their respective characteristics—ingredients, Schweppes products, or flavors—into one database. From this, we are able to generate the detail page for each cocktail, the search and filtering, and the overview pages for a specific drink selection. To test the effects of the new infrastructure in terms of search engine optimization (SEO), we first launched static pages for selected cocktail recipes. This allowed us to test Google's reactions and ensure that no traffic was lost after the relaunch.

A digital brand experience with real added value for users

After only four weeks, the first version of went live. Our client was able to independently carry out the actual content’s move. Thus, the entire project was completed in only eight weeks. Immediately afterwards, page views increased significantly, and even more new users found their way to the website via search. In a follow-up project, additional content tailored to the behavior of the site’s users and optimized for search engines was produced and added to the system. Furthermore, the new solution impresses with a fast, intuitive editor interface that requires almost no training time.

Key Results

+50 %
Website traffic
Cocktail recipes
+40 %
Increased Visibility (SEO)

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