Italian basketball league club relies on Pimcore for social media management

Basket Torino is a brand new Italian basketball team. It was born in 2019 and has already arrived at the top of the Italian basketball league. It is very active on various social media platforms and needed to share the same multimedia content on different mass media. 

Business Needs

Basket Torino wanted to improve its content sharing process without repeating the same set of actions for each share.

Pimcore Solution 

Basket Torino website is made using Pimcore Content Management System (CMS), so we suggested the use of Pimcore as Multichannel Content Management, which allows managing from a single point, every media file, and disseminate them on different channels. Our choice has fallen to Pimcore because it’s an enterprise and open source solution with a strong focus on multichannel distribution.

Business Results

Using Pimcore as a solution for MCM, Basket Torino reached its goal: to have a single space where it saves its multimedia content and spread them in different channels by ensuring control and centralized management. In this way, a single picture, saved on their CMS Pimcore, has been used as a slider on the website, called back by an API to be used on a news on its social media and sent to be printed on gadget merchandising. Thereby, also the single operation made on a single content has been centralized: the creation, the management, and the access to each content are made by a single entry point.

Pimcore Silver Partner
  • Basket Torino S.S.D. a R.L.
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