A multichannel livestreaming platform for the CYBATHLON at ETH Zurich.

ETH Zurich was founded in 1855, is one of the most renowned universities globally, and regularly occupies top positions in university rankings. There are 16 departments, and advanced studies for a doctorate in engineering, mathematics, and natural sciences are numerous.

The customer was looking for a live streaming solution. The technical challenges were mainly related to the Livestream integration; the automated video integration via a Vimeo interface, the integration of over 250 social media sources, or the possibility to make videos available for download to specific users via the multi-level role concept

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  • ETH Zürich - Cybathlon
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Customer Key Facts

integrated social media sources

Implement a complex multichannel solution in 2 months

The client was looking for a multichannel solution to bring as much interaction and emotion as possible to the platform and back to the viewers and participants. This year, due to Covid-19, the event was planned without viewers from the beginning. Another difficulty was that we had to work on the client's server and not our own, and due to the tight schedule, development and content acquisition had to be done in parallel. Therefore, it was also clear from the beginning that we could not waste any time and had to start very quickly to be able to solve the technically and conceptually challenging requirements in just over two months in three hyper-agile sprints. In those two months, we created various design approaches and mood boards and ultimately quickly transformed the desired line into an urban style guide that the client desired.
"From pitch to rollout in eight weeks: A global competition with results, live stream, video center, which not only involves complex workflows but also new types of sensitive content, was mapped by w-vision under high pressure on a new CYBATHLON online platform. Only an extremely great collaboration makes something like this possible."
Roland Sigrist, Managing Director and Head of Finance

An interactive LiveExperience

Together with our partner Yoveo, who produced the videos, we connected the Livestream production with the user interface so that both worlds worked together seamlessly. We created many exciting features like server-based live slapping, as you know from Facebook, to integrate audience interactions. To further integrate the community into the project, we also connected more than 250 social network sources of teams and partners on the platform, which could be seamlessly automated and moderated.