A Promising Solution - Efficient Processes With Erp, Pimcore, and Progressive Web App

Fleischer-Kauf Hannover / Göttingen eG supplies butchers and restaurants around the clock with fresh meat and sausage products, spices, and cooking accessories - sometimes even more than once a day. The Customers are jostling; the cooling chamber is empty. No problem: goods are already on their way. This is made possible by three systems that we have cleverly combined: the company's internal ERP, a progressive web app, and Pimcore as the central database.

Business Challenge

This company needs to be able to react quickly. Customers need fresh goods every day, and spontaneous re-orders occur frequently. So far, orders have primarily been placed via email, contact forms, fax, or telephone calls. The result: keeping an eye on all daily orders and handling them quickly and cleanly was a real organizational and logistical challenge and a stress factor for everyone involved.

Pimcore Solution

First, we established a data model and organized all products in Pimcore. Product descriptions, article numbers, and other accompanying data were transferred from the in-house ERP system via the interface. Customer data is stored using the Customer Management Framework. It enables personalized and customer-specific preconfigured order processes: Customers are divided into Pickup customers and delivery customers, for example, or can track the order status of their goods via notifications. All of this happens via the app, which is quickly and easily installed on the smartphone using a QR code.

Business Results

Since Pimcore and an intelligent app started working together, registered customers can place orders anytime, anywhere.  Pimcore maps the structures of the company's internal ERP system, the PWA uses the system as a database and implements the orders - just like an online shop. All systems communicate with each other, so double data maintenance is a thing of the past.

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