Increased cross-selling for energy provider

With 3 million customers ENERGA is one of the largest domestic energy companies, and one of the leading electricity suppliers in Europe. The company's core business includes production, distribution, and trade in electricity and heat as well as gas. Energa is a digital innovator. It was the first company in the energy sector that offered eCommerce for the online purchase of energy.

Business Needs

The goal of this project was to create a user-friendly customer experience for a complex process - the purchase of electricity. Energa provides product packages tailored to individual customer groups. These product packages are part of different tariff groups (e.g. a fixed price around the clock or different prices at night, during the day and weekends).

“We had pre-forms to order a contract. Unfortunately, the form included only one specific offer and one purchase path, e.g. a new contract or the meter itself. For introducing a new product for at least 80% of users, we had to implement 4 forms. The implementation of these forms sometimes took up to three months. The forms were complex and complicated, the result was that a large percentage was filled out incorrectly - which required the need of phone or e-mail contact with the client.”
- Adam Dziadkiewicz, Digital & UX Specialist, ENERGA


  • poor UX of the current solution
  • low conversion rate
  • bad time-to-market to implement a new product
  • high load of service staff forced to contact customers because of incorrectly completed forms
  • low percentage (less than 1%) of sales with additional services (which have the highest margin)

Pimcore Solution

„We hope that thanks to Pimcore we will be able to constantly improve our online forms.“
Tomasz Aftański, Head of Sales and Electronics Service Development, ENERGA

During the project, Pimcore partner Divante was responsible for analyzing the client's needs. Together with the client navigation paths for the end customer were designed. The focus was an intuitive and understandable user experience for the end customer. The implementation was carried out in 2017 and 2018. As part of the ongoing cooperation with the client, Divante still constantly maintains and updates the website in accordance with new business needs. Why did they choose Pimcore? Several functionalities led to this choice:

  • Construction of forms: The client wanted to be able to adjust and create forms from the administration panel. Pimcore CMS worked especially well in this regard – all layouts can be comfortably edited by the administrators. The same goes for creating user rights and assigning appropriate access.
  • Snippets: Another great feature for the forms - thanks to which the client can re-use one HTML template and have several different versions of a given page.
  • Data objects: By using the capabilities of Pimcore data objects, the different paths of the purchase process can be defined, and specific steps can be adjusted, without writing a line of code. The client can add new paths by himself, e.g. a path for changing the tariff - in 90% of cases this is possible in the panel, without any changes in the code.
  • Pimcore is extremely flexible, which gives the client a lot of modifications possibilities.

Implementation Stages

  1. UX analysis of the customer's current path, offer presentation and forms along with recommendations for changes
  2. Mock-ups and graphic design
  3. Implementation, development and maintenance


A completely new, remodeled shopping path consistent with diagnosed intentions of users, in which the user first chooses what he wants to do (order a counter and contract, rewrite, change an offer, etc.), then inputs basic contact details that involve him in the process, and only then he goes to the step with the choice of energy offer.

Business Results

  • 1% to 50% increase in the sale of attractive and extended offers for energy along with complementary services
  • 28% decrease in the number of incorrectly filled out forms
  • Implementation in 2 months: extremely fast implementation of the system, based on Pimcore, easy integration with internal systems (workflow as well as sales systems).
  • Award - Leader 2017 in the Industry 4.0: The project was awarded during the contest “Technobusiness: Leader 2017” in the Industry 4.0 category
Pimcore Strategic Partner
  • ENERGA Obrót S.A.
Solution Partner

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