B2B Digital Sales Portfolio for the Kronenbourg Sales Force

French subsidiary of the international Carlsberg group (4th world brewer with a presence in 140 countries), Kronenbourg is the 1st brewer in France with recognized beer brands like Kronenbourg, 1664, Guinness, Grimbergen, Carlsberg or Tourtel.

Aimed at the Kronenbourg sales force, made up of around a hundred salespeople spread across France, the Sales Portfolio is a BtoB sales support tool that lists all the product sheets, sales pitches and other recommendations from the Kronenbourg beer portfolio.

Business Needs

Kronenbourg salespeople previously had a Sales Portfolio produced by an external Communication Agency. This Sales Portfolio consisted of flat graphic screens that only the Communication Agency could manage and update. For each update, Kronenbourg was therefore dependent on the Communication Agency, which then provided them a new package with all of the files from the Sales Portfolio (including the unmodified files).

The old version of the Sales Portfolio representing a total weight of about 1 GB of files (screens, videos, etc.), the hundred Kronenbourg sales representatives had each time to re-download the complete package on their devices (tablets, laptops, etc.), making the update process very cumbersome.

Pimcore Solutions

SENZO's response is therefore based on Pimcore to digitize the Kronenbourg Sales Portfolio, thus perfectly meeting the following expectations:

  • Total autonomy in managing the content of the portfolio (texts, visuals, menus, etc.), without any dependence on an external provider;
  • Implementation of a search engine usable offline with results thumbnails based on the Pimcore preview generator;
  • A tailor-made module allowing the selection and sending by email of bar codes (gencods) to the end customer;
  • Incremental update system: only the modified or added files are updated, without having to re-download all of the files.

The digital agency SENZO relied on its mastery of Pimcore's CMS functionalities by implementing in the Back-Office several page templates and other widgets. Using simple drag and drop, Kronenbourg teams can thus manage their digital Sales Portfolio very easily and modularly throughout the year: new products, seasonal events, videos, etc.

To answer to the needs of streamlining updates, the pages of the Sales Portfolio are generated like “Headless CMS” solutions in static HTML format when they are saved and published in Pimcore. Salespeople must be able to access their digital Sales Portfolio at any time and sometimes offline (without Internet connection), so all of the files are stored for the first time locally on their device.

Pimcore then "pushes" only the new files (pages, linked assets, etc.) or those modified to a "Hot Folder" which is synchronized on all of the salespeople devices. The files are thus automatically locally updated as soon as the device reconnects to the Internet.

Business Results

The digital Sales Portfolio with new Pimcore Content Management System (CMS) allows from now on Kronenbourg to be completely autonomous in the daily management of their content. At last, the new incremental update system has drastically reduced the Time-to-Market, allowing Kronenbourg brands to be able to deploy new content in near-real time to its sales team: their Sales Portfolio is so always up to date!

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