TYPO3 and Magento replaced

medhochzwei Verlag GmbH is a publishing house for specialist media in the field of health care based in Heidelberg. The editors and authors of the publishing house come from the most diverse ranges of the health industry. The aim of the project was to replace two systems: TYPO3 and Magento, by a central Pimcore instance. The data had to be consolidated and migrated. Pimcore was to take over CMS and e-commerce functionality in the future. Also there was a focus on SEO.

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  • medhochzwei Verlag GmbH
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Norstedt is Sweden's oldest publishing house. The publishing house has published 29 Nobel Prize winners.
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Heidelberg Enriches Data of 3 ERP Systems in 1 Central PIM

Heidelberg offers a broad spectrum of printing services and software solutions. To increase their range and global sales, Heidelberg has built a European platform that links the market for Tettenrode/Plantin to Belgium and the Netherlands, the market for Mackinggraf to Italy and the market for Hartman to Spain.
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Non-profit saves lives and makes information accessible

Herzstark is the main distributor of AED’s (Automated external defibrillator) in Switzerland. They needed a platform where they could build a webpage showing their company’s values, offerings and locations.
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Klar strukturierter und SEO-optimierter Webauftritt

Die Brunner Medien AG ist Pimcore Gold-Partner und setzt darum bei der Überarbeitung der eigenen Website ebenfalls auf Pimcore. Auf der neuen Seite werden die drei Geschäftsbereiche serviceorientiert präsentiert, inklusive Filtermöglichkeiten, optimierter Druckausgabe und stärkerer SEO.
DXP/CMS, DAM, Media & Publishing

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