Simplified Statistical Analysis of Online Surveys in Market Research

MINDLINE GmbH is a market research and consulting institute with headquarters in Hamburg. With approximately 100 employees at 3 locations, a turnover of over €15 million, and annual double-digit growth rates, the MINDLINE Group ranks among the top 15 full-service research institutes in Germany. The focus is on the FMCG, retail, services, consumer goods, telecommunications/IT, finance, energy, and media sectors.

Business Challenge

MINDLINE GmbH was looking for a systematic and easy-to-use method for the statistical analysis of its online surveys. In SYLPHEN, it found a competent partner who developed, configured, and implemented an individual, flexible, and easily analyzable solution.

Pimcore Solution

The developers at SYLPHEN chose Pimcore as the preferred platform for the project's realization, mainly because of its flexible data structures. Using the Web CMS module, several online shops with different layouts were initially created according to customer specifications. MINDLINE employees can create these as they wish and fill them with products in the desired or random order. The shops were further designed to be created in several languages. Within an online survey, the participants of the survey are now redirected to these shops. They have the option of adding products to the notepad or shopping cart.

In contrast to a real online shop, however, no real order is then activated. Instead, the selected products are transferred to the survey, so all survey participants' data can be statistically evaluated. It will now become apparent which products were clicked on and how often. It is also recorded which products appeared on the screen at all and which never did. Since the shops' creation is conceived quite simply, MINDLINE employees are enabled to establish new surveys quickly and more or less autonomously. If required, they are then supplemented by the Sylphen project team, configuring the new shop, for example, by making desired changes to the layout, customizing the texts, or importing the products.

Business Results

Thanks to the almost real shopping experience in the virtual online shops, MINDLINE receives very authentic and honest feedback from the survey participants, which can then be evaluated quickly and efficiently. The time employees spend on the statistical evaluation of the data is reduced, while at the same time, data quality has increased.

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