Structure and Innovative Content Maintenance With Pimcore

As a result of Pimcore's intuitive CMS, the content manager's work has become a "state of the art" experience. Intuitive content maintenance is now part of the editorial department's daily routine thanks to the tidy and lean CMS.

A content audit was carried out in advance, which served as a basis for the revised, more customer-centered content of the new responsive website. Through evaluation and optimization, the existing text was re-structured qualitatively and quantitatively. During the whole process, we kept our focus on search engine optimization.

Pimcore Solution

A peek behind the scenes shows that in addition to the content management system, Pimcore's digital asset management is used to manage digital media (images, videos, etc.) seamlessly and directly during the content editing process. The website’s performance has increased enormously thanks to the modern front-end framework "Nuxt.js", based on the headless architecture used in Pimcore. This creates a pleasant user experience, especially on mobile devices. In addition, is set up with two accounts, one for Germany and one for Austria. The German account also has a connection to the B2B marketing automation platform "Pardot" from Salesforce.

"Throughout the relaunch process, team neusta provided us with professional and competent support and advice from the first requirements workshop through the intensive project phase with analysis, UX/UI, content audit, programming, and live operation. Choosing Pimcore as our new content management system was the right decision." 

- Kirsten Schade, Head of Corporate Communications at RMS

Teamwork for the best results

Long story short: We managed to realize an informative and fast website for RMS in very speedy development time. The new CMS enables editors with a simplified and intuitive content maintenance with a focus on SEO criteria. The audio marketer RMS is now in a top position online.

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  • RMS Radio Marketing Service GmbH & Co. KG
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