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Silikomart is an Italian company based between Venice and Padua. Founded in 2002, it immediately made a name for itself in the silicone molding sector, particularly in the food sector. Nowadays, it stands as the reference point when it comes to high quality and high performance in the pastry and kitchen sector.

Esse Solutions has guided Silikomart in designing and implementing a Pimcore MDM/PIM/DAM solution to manage products, attributes, images, labels, recipes and marketing content for hundreds of products and thousands of product variants in different languages ​​and countries.

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Customer Key Facts

Active sales all over the world

Easy access to product information

Silikomart was looking for a single reliable solution to manage marketing and product data, accessible to anyone from the marketing team to sales agents, resellers and distributors, and from which to easily obtain information, images and materials.
"“We wanted an easy-to-use tool to manage out products and distribute media and content in different channels. We also took the opportunity to review all product data and create a solid database that had never existed in the company""
Andrea De Pieri , Head of Digital Marketing at Silikomart

Digital Experience Platform: all data within a single solution

The customer needed a product information management platform that could be flexible and easily customizable. Pimcore was therefore a natural choice! We started the project by building the data structure and the various interfaces together with the customer, so that the final result was consistent and up to expectations. From there, we implemented a PIM / MDM / DAM solution integrated with Magento business management and e-commerce (B2C for the end user and professional B2B). The various accessible product information concern attributes, functionalities, recipes, courses, packaging, certifications, logos and packaging.

A successful product management tool

The end result was a clearly structured and logical product information management system. The information sharing process takes place after completing a workflow associated with a data quality to verify the correctness of the product information. Thanks to this new and efficient process, Silikomart has been able to avoid many repetitive and manual activities, allocating the time gained in important commercial initiatives. Overall, Pimcore provided the solution the customer needed to achieve efficiency, simplicity, organization and ultimately a boosted business.

Key Results

-40 %
Reduced duplicate data
+ 40%
Reduction in customer request processing time

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