All-round optimized web solution for ITECH

Under the premises of online marketing and today’s media use, a web presence that is optimally presented on all output channels is indispensable. Before the project, ITECH had a non mobile-optimized web presence that contained few pictures and application examples.

Business Needs

ITECH AG intended to make its website suitable for extended use and to be available to its target groups on all channels. In addition, the product solutions for the food and non-food application areas should be easier to find.

Pimcore Solution

„The system is fast, efficient and offers a wide range of functions.“

In cooperation with agency Kaufmann (concept and design), Brunner Medien AG was able to meet the requirements for the new website. With Pimcore, ITECH now has a state-of-the-art content management system. The system is fast, efficient and offers a wide range of functions. The specialists at Brunner programmed an intelligent multilingual product database application for the efficient recording of product information.

Business Result

Thanks to its clear structure and clear navigation, customers and interested parties can quickly find their way around the optimized ITECH website. The device-independent appearance expands the access options for the target groups targeted by ITECH. The editing of content in the CMS is intuitive and time-saving for those responsible at ITECH. The simple and central entry of content and product data also increases efficiency.

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