Manufacturer cuts down web maintenance time by 70%

Heidolph Instruments is a global corporation and produces premium laboratory equipment. With their products and solutions, they support users in over 80 countries worldwide in their work. The innovative website includes landing pages for marketing campaigns with an international shop system in 7 languages including a dealer login for marketing documents and a powerful product search via an Elasticsearch Index.

Business Needs

Heidolph needed a user-friendly and platform-independent website solution that empowers users to self-advice in the complex world of laboratory components and supports Heidolph’s global sales teams with individualized sales material for their market. The solution had to provide PIM functionality and be e-commerce-ready.

The first key success factor was consolidating and organizing the scattered data in a single-source thus reducing the time for maintaining the multilingual multidomain content dramatically. The second important factor was the development of an online advisor that reduces the complexity of the product dependencies with its hundreds of variants and combinations to a user-friendly level without decreasing the provided expertise.

Pimcore Solution

Through consultation from Pimcore partner Standpunkt Digital, a digital agency located in Dortmund, Germany, Heidolph was advised to use Pimcore to solve their various business needs.

Data Organization
To create a single-source for their data, they implemented a PIM-Platform based on Pimcore, hosting thousands of products and variants as well as individualized material for the sales force and the worldwide distributors.

Product Finder/Advisor
Based on a complex ruleset – also stored in Pimcore – they created a user-friendly product advisor helping users to find and configure the right equipment for their laboratory environment and allowing them to save and/or print their individual product configuration.

Business Results

With the new Pimcore based solution Heidolph saw a 70% time reduction in maintaining product data on their international websites. Time and cost for updating, individualizing and distributing sales material to the worldwide staff was reduced significantly. The all new product advisor is a key element for increasing website leads.

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