A Modern Data Management With the Help of Pimcore

Whether windows, balconies, stairs, buildings, facades - ONLEVEL offers a system of floor profiles, room-high glazing, point fixing systems and innovative clamping solutions for countless applications. Does not sound as sexy as it looks. But with its products, ONLEVEL makes a significant contribution to the overall appearance of architecture and the safety of buildings.

Business Challenge

ONLEVEL was looking for a modern PIM system that would facilitate a clean structure of its products while also being easy to administer and scalable to accommodate the company's growth. ONLEVEL wanted to be able to easily add new languages, products and distribution channels without the need for further development.

Pimcore Solution

twocream advised ONLEVEL to use Pimcore to manage its structured data. twocream developed an integrated content and e-commerce platform that efficiently presents ONLEVEL's products. ONLEVEL decided to use the Pimcore PIM/MDM solution. Pimcore partner, twocream from Wuppertal, received the order to realize the project with technical conception, development and implementation. The agency created different data models in Pimcore for various specific requirements. The ERP system of ONLEVEL has been connected and provides Pimcore with the product master data.

"Centralized data maintenance has enabled us to reduce the error rate significantly."

- Ina Lenge, Head of Marketing, ONLEVEL

Business Results

At the end of the project, a clearly structured and logical product information management was achieved. This new and efficient process allows ONLEVEL to concentrate on its core business and use the time saved for important business initiatives. For partners, traders and processors working with ONLEVEL, the retrieval of product data has been greatly simplified. All in all, Pimcore delivered the solution ONLEVEL needed to achieve efficiency, simplicity and the organization for improved business.

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