Largest travel and tourism company in the world runs on Pimcore

On the main website the CMS TYPO3 has been used for many years. However, many SEO-relevant sections of the website have been implemented with Pimcore, for example and The master data management of all hotels and travel offices is done using Pimcore data objects and a JSON is automatically generated based on this data (Headless CMS).

Also, Pimcore is currently used by TUI Austria on the following pages:

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  • TUI Austria Holding GmbH
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Achental Efficiently Manage 4 Township Websites in 1 System

Achental is a region located between Munich and Salzburg that is known for its lakes, rivers, mountains, meadows, and forestry – making the region a beautiful piece of nature.
DXP/CMS, Podróż i Hotelarstwo

Hotel Group Is Serving up New Bookings With Multiple Websites

With more than 120 hotels in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Great Britain, Spain and Cyprus, the GCH Hotel Group is one of the leading hotel management companies in Europe. 
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Travel Abroad Operator Reaches Higher Sales With New Website

Praktikawelten is one of the leading German tour operators for study abroad programs, volunteering, and internships around the world with more than 300 programs in 25 countries.
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Safari tour operator centralizes product data and manages experience

Rhino Africa is a luxury safari tour operator with 175+ employees based in Cape Town, South Africa. The company uses Pimcore to consolidate its travel-related product data and for digital experience management.
DXP/CMS, Podróż i Hotelarstwo

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