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As a service provider for pharmacies and partners of physicians, health insurance companies, homes, and health enterprises, Vitalsana supports patients in the drug and health care. Fit for the future! Under this motto, Vitalsana trusts in the experience and know-how of Intera. Vitalsana has been a member of the Zur Rose Group since 2017.

High-performance product information systems (PIM) are one of the pillars of successful digitalization. With Pimcore, Vitalsana has made exactly the right choice. The Enterprise Open Source Software was able to convince by the unrestricted fulfillment of all requirements.

Pimcore Solution

"Altogether, it can be said that the expectations we had of the implementation of our requirements have been fulfilled. With Pimcore, our developers also had enough freedom to implement individual processes in a custom-fit way." - Markus Richter, Head of WebShop

Business Results

In terms of sustainability, Intera took on an enabler's role and supported the pharmaceutical company as an extended arm in all questions concerning Pimcore. From training and reviews to taking over development in case of bottlenecks, the Intera developer team is always on hand. This way, the big challenges, such as the smooth connection to the webshop and databases, could be implemented confidently and in the shortest possible time.

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