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Wochen-Post Verlag AG publishes a weekly magazine, which is regularly read by more than 100,000 people in Switzerland. Most of the revenue is generated by ad sales. Ads can be submitted on the website. The existing advertising submission portal was outdated. It was not compatible with mobile devices and creating a new listing was complicated and not user-friendly. With a new, user-centered customer portal, online sales of advertisements could be increased by approx. 10%.

Business Needs

The existing software solution was not capable of handling the various pricing combinations for magazine ads, especially for complex product bundles. Individual pricing schemes for partners, based on preconfigured rulesets, were required as well, but had to be treated manually case-by-case, due to a lack of a technical solution.

Additionally to these technical challenges, the user experience of the existing website was outdated and the website was not compatible with mobile devices.

Pimcore Solution

„Thanks to the new customer portal our online sales of ads increased by about 10%“
Thomas Hess, CEO, Wochen-Post Verlag AG

After an analysis of the customer-journey, two personas were identified (readers and advertisers). The users select their persona on the start page and are directed to subpages on which they are supplied with all relevant information.

A new, responsive interface for the website (realized with the Bootstrap HTML/CSS framework) and a flexible portal for advertisers was created based on Pimcore. The company is now prepared for the future and can swiftly implement changes and add-ons due to Pimcore's modularity and flexibility.

New advertisement drafts are stored in the web browser of the user. Thus, the customer can continue and complete his order at a later time. While the user is creating the listing, the current price is continuously updated. Possible price effects of the user's selections can be immediately identified.

The weekly event calendar is automatically posted on the website and is available via XML feed for print production. This feed is structured and can be directly imported in Adobe InDesign. This new, automated feed saves the graphic designers a lot of manual work.

For the magazine readers, an API to a service provider called 'Yumpu' was integrated. 'Yumpu' publishes the weekly edition of the magazine on the Web and for iOS and Android.

Business Results

With the new website, Wochen-Post Verlag AG can present itself as innovative and modern. The website is user-friendly and characterized by simplistic clarity. Especially for registered users, the ads and invoice overview in the customer portal provides a considerable added value. Advertisement orders can be easily posted, edited, copied and reused.

Thanks to the new customer portal the online sales of ads increased by about 10%. Likewise, up-sells, such as combined offers are now used more often by the customers. Questions could be minimized, thanks to new features such as a predefined number of characters per ad and the possibility of using preconfigured templates.

The new, flexible advertisement portal saves the sales reps a lot of work. Customers can now perform most tasks on their own. They ask fewer questions because pricing is now transparent and clear. They can always see the final charges for an ad during the checkout process.

The whole project, especially the customer portal for the advertisements, will be continuously developed agile in SCRUM in the future and will thus always stay up to date.

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