As an Open Source Workflow Management Software, Pimcore enables enterprises to create, track, and alter all workflows according to their needs. The Pimcore PIM software helps enterprises process and monitor workflows for reliable data governance and data stewardship.

Flexible Workflows

Workflows define the product lifecycle states and how editors can interact with these states and the product data. The advanced workflow engine of the Pimcore PIM platform lets you design business processes and editorial workflows down to the last detail. Provide users with different views on your data, depending on the predefined workflow steps. Define the transition conditions under which a product can enter the following workflow state. And use data quality and data completeness criteria such as mandatory translations and attributes. Notifications keep everyone on the same page, even in complex workflow scenarios. A complete audit trail of each workflow step is available on record in the workflow history.

Customized Views 

Pimcore Workflow Management features several configuration options to set up flexible workflows for documents, assets, and data objects. It supports data maintenance processes, product information life cycles, and other processes. Based on the workflow state, you can provide different users with custom views of data records. Restrict access to individual fields for security reasons. Provide simplified user interfaces for marketers. Or enable translators to only edit descriptions, but not manipulate technical attributes. Pimcore lets you offer personalized data management and enterprise-grade workflow management to internal departments and external stakeholders. 

Workflow Messaging & Notifications 

Pimcore includes messaging and notification functionalities to keep other users up to date during the transition between workflow states. Take advantage of this feature to enable users to track time spent on data management tasks or allow editors to send products in for review. Send customized or automated e-mail messages to responsible or accountable stakeholders or display them inside the integrated notification center. 

Workflow Designer

Design your workflows instead of coding them. The Workflow Designer provides a visual wizard for the Pimcore workflow engine. It allows creating, managing, and designing workflow definitions and organizing them in a folder structure. Define workflow places, transitions, and global actions with a visual planner and specify all settings inline.

End-User Workflows

Pimcore Workflows are primarily suited for product information management and the editorial tasks of administrators within the Pimcore back-end interface. However, there is often also a need for presenting product information and connected digital assets to end-users, such as external or internal marketing, sales, or product management teams. For this specific purpose, the Pimcore Product Experience Portal is the right solution.  

Product Experience Portal

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