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Pimcore is an open source and web-based software platform for managing data and user experiences.

Used more than 80.000 times in 56 countries and available in 20 languages

Pimcore is the only platform that combines PIM/MDM (Product Information Management and Master Data Management), CMS (Web Content Management), DAM (Digital Asset Management) and eCommerce functionalities out-of-the-box.

With a boosted time-to-market, superior quality, and an open source licensing model. Solve your digital transformation challenges and give Pimcore a try. Our global consulting team and partner network will give you the needed support and consultation. We are Pimcore and we own the digital world.

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Consolidate data

Siloed and scattered data with poor data quality are often the deathblow for digital transformation strategies.

With Pimcore PIM/MDM this problem can be conquered efficiently. Any digital data of any amount is consolidated in a central place and a unique master record is created – the so called single point of truth. This proper organization of data increases the efficiency of processes throughout the whole company.

Pimcore PIM/MDM is your flexible product information and master data management ecosystem, providing all needed applications and services to consolidate, enrich, translate and manage digital product data and various other assets such as customer data, vendor data and digital assets. Reduce digital transformation woes and overwhelming complexities and integrate the Pimcore Data Manager into your strategy.


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Decrease time-to-market

In today’s fast-paced digital world, customer is at the center of everything. Their expectations and market scenarios change in the blink of an eye, and technology and processes have to adapt to this trend in an agile and flexible fashion.

Pimcore Data Manager and Pimcore Experience Manager together provide a strong set of tools to manage any digital data and deliver this data across any channel and device. All this ultimately leads to significantly reduced time-to-market and enriched user experiences.


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Omni-channel enablement

Being omni-channel compatible is nowadays an often-heard prerequisite to being successful online. Data has to be delivered to multiple output channels in multiple formats/feeds, quality standards and with different product attributes.

Things can get complex in such a diverse and fast-paced environment, having so many channels to care about. Keeping track of digital channels, such as web, mobile, app, marketplace and social is not that trivial any more. But with tight POS integration, digital signage and web-to-print omni-channel enablement of product information management gets even more complex. 

Pimcore Data Manager resolves all such issues and provides you the necessary tools to succeed online.


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