Achental is a region located between Munich and Salzburg that is known for its valuable natural shaft and man-made landscape. In this area, there are many lakes, rivers, mountains, meadows, and forestry – making the region a beautiful piece of nature.

Four townships in Achental decided they wanted to have a common digital appearance: Marquartstein, Schleching, Staudach-Egerndach, Unterwössen/Oberwössen.

Business Needs

Every township had their own page with a different layout, style, and offerings. The pages were quite outdated in both the frontend and back end – they needed to be completely modernized to be compatible with current standards.

The pages were not fully responsive, and were not producing significant traffic or returning visors. The search engine feature did not work properly which resulted in frustration for users as they could not find the information they needed. Thus, there was not enough conversions to bookings and their business was suffering.

As all sites were being managed separately, the construction and maintenance of the content was difficult, time-consuming, and extensive. Also, the poor user experiences were decreasing the image of these Achental townships.

The Achental regions wanted to come together to produce a common digital presence in both appearance and offerings. They needed a solution that could host their pages in a single-source and where they could update the content easily and quickly.

Pimcore Solution

DGTLS, a digital agency based in Munich, Germany, recommended they use Pimcore to solve their various business needs. With Pimcore’s CMS, all four pages can be managed in one solution. They could create a standard layout but with unique coloring for each of the individual webpages. The content for the tourism section could be managed in one central system, which made maintenance much easier.

The pages were all made to be fully-responsive and functioning and allowed users to have a positive experience. There were also APIs to the located hotels, weather, POI, and events. All in all, Pimcore’s solution created a new, improved, and cohesive digital presence for these Achental townships.

Business Results

With all websites being unified and managed in one system, the townships could save money on the development and maintenance of their webpages. Additionally, the system was user-friendly which made it easy for website administrators to manage which saved significant time.

The search engine feature was improved and worked perfectly, making it easy for users to find what they were looking for. The new template also enabled live news updates about the townships to be presented to users when visiting the website.

The website’s overall image was enhanced, and helped the townships to promote their brand in a more positive light. Overall, the new websites were very successful and were able to significantly increase traffic, bookings, and thus revenue.

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