Praktikawelten is a portal for voluntary work, studying and work in foreign countries. The organisation stands for connecting traveling, working and learning abroad. The work is focused on advising travellers before, during and after their trip abroad.

Business Needs

Prices for different programs depend on factors such as seasons, flight connections, special offer etc. and need to be updated constantly by the customers pricing team. The continuous task of keeping all the prices up to date should be made as easy and clear as possible for the pricing team.

The team should therefore not edit the prices in the standard Pimcore backend, as this is not prepared for their needs. The prices would have to be edited at various different places and some functions could not be processed there, since the many connections and complexities are difficult to depict.

In this respect, a customer-specific, specified backend, a Pricebackend is required. An easy-to-use interface for complex pricing of the organization.

Pimcore Solution

A special backend was created for the customer's pricing team. Existing "products", in this case individual programs, can either be newly created or edited via the backend. Furthermore accommodations, dates, coupons, seasons, options and insurances can be edited or added.

Programs can be found under the "Products" tab using the filter function by product name. Then programs can be accessed and edited or even duplicated or deleted. If a product is chosen for editing, a new window opens with all necessary points to edit them individually.

Have a look at the screenshots and example product 1. Besides the product name and item number, the required language skills, the minimum duration, the unit price and possible extras are editable. Every product has different elements which can be edited, like in example product 2. For example, it may be necessary to add surcharges for certain airports in one product, prices for sidetrips and seasonal prices. The other elements such as extras, accommodations and start dates are programmed with the same concept.

Business Results

The customized user interface allows the customer's pricing team to process all relevant points in a clear system according to their own requirements.

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