Digital Experience Management

Pimcore’s digital experience management platform is an open-source software platform for managing and delivering personalized digital experiences to every customer on every touch point.

WYSIWYG & Usability

Pimcore is the most comfortable open-source content management software and experience management platform available. It maximizes operational efficiency through an award-winning authoring interface. Designed to be easy to use for all technical and non-technical audiences, the whole system is powered by context sensitive navigation, rich WYSIWYG components and drag-and-drop operations. Both editors and developers love the intuitive way, how Pimcore works.


Pimcore’s multi-lingual content management capability allows editors to create new content in any language and work in their native language to ensure consistent content in country and language-specific output channels. At the same time it easily integrates with language translation services and uses the XLIFF standard.

Multi Site Management

Pimcore’s enterprise content management system is fueled by powerful multi-site capabilities that can be used to manage an unlimited amount of web presences and applications within each Pimcore installation. It is used to share content across thousands of sites and applications and deliver consistent customer experiences on every presence.


Pimcore integrates personalization for a more relevant digital experience. The platform is powered by a behavioral targeting engine that collects and aggregates personal and behavioral data to customize and personalize the experience. Based on persona profiles, segmentation rules, triggers and resulting content actions, personalized and contextual content and advanced marketing automation comes to life.


Pimcore’s content management functionalities seamlessly integrate with the Pimcore eCommerce-Framework. It is the only open-source experience management platform bridging content and commerce. Create amazing buying experiences with ease by combining enterprise web content management (for digital customer experience) along with Pimcore’s integrated best-in-class eCommerce framework.

SEO & Marketing Toolbox

Marketing performance optimization tools are a core component of the Pimcore platform. The tools go beyond search optimization (SEO) to include detailed analytics, site quality management, redirect/alias management, and a host of additional tools to help make life easier for digital marketers.

Mobile Friendly

Use Pimcore to manage digital experiences for any device. Pimcore optimizes the mobile experience during the whole customer journey across any touch point. It enables you to manage your mobile application’s content via the content-as-a-service (CAAS) paradigm directly from within Pimcore. Furthermore it enables the development and management of responsive/adaptive website content to 100% suit your customers. Useful helpers like the integrated preview functionality, provide you visual feedback regarding the layout on different screen sizes and devices.

Integrated PIM module

Pimcore Experience Management includes agile and hyper-flexible product information management functionalities. With more than 40 high-performance data types, Pimcore is made for even the most complex data management scenarios. Pimcore bridges experience management and advanced PIM, MDM functionalities.

Learn more about the PIM module
“We wanted to create a flexible way to deliver content to the customer in a fast and easy way. Pimcore offers a powerful and intuitive interface for the editors to work with.”
Country Manager Digital Channel, IKEA Germany

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