Multi-channel Content Management System

With Pimcore’s open source content management system, experiences can be delivered across any channel and touch point. Use multi-channel delivery to automate publishing processes across devices and channels and to communicate seamlessly with your customer.

Multi-channel Publishing

Pimcore CMS platform delivers content to any output channel. Whether delivering content to mail, mobile, social, commerce or even print or digital signage, Pimcore multi-channel publishing accompanies customers during their whole live cycle and customer journey.

Case Study: Deutsche Bahn AG

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is nowadays a dominant communication channel. Engage with customers and offer a responsive and adaptive content experience optimized to their devices and touch points. Pimcore is made for mobile marketing and provides the right tools for enabling your mobile marketing strategy.

Print Publishing

Pimcore’s database publishing functionalities revolutionize traditional print processes for creating B2B and B2C product catalogs, price sheets and personalized marketing and sales collateral. Use Pimcore CMS including the advanced PDFReactor renderer to automate database publishing processes, or integrate Pimcore content into an Adobe InDesign based workflow.

Case Study: Pollmann AG

Marketing Automation

Creating exceptional digital experiences is one of the main goals of a digital marketing team. And Pimcore’s open-source experience management platform provides marketing automation framework that enables the development of advanced customer specific solutions for automating marketing and sales processes such as customer segmentation, customer data integration, and campaign management. Pimcore features a module for master data management of customer data which revolutionizes marketing automation possibilities.


The multi-channel content management system can provide consistency to succeed in an omnichannel world. Deliver content without layout to any device or channel. Leverage Pimcore's API-oriented architecture for all your existing and upcoming user engagement initiatives. As a CaaS provider Pimcore lets you utilize its RESTful or native PHP APIs to connect it to either your web, mobile applications or to your existing business infrastructures like ERP and CRM. Pimcore is 100% API driven and can be fully automated via services.

Commerce Integration

Pimcore’s content management functionalities seamlessly integrate with the Pimcore eCommerce-Framework. Together they become the only open-source experience management platform bridging content and commerce. You can use Pimcore’s eCommerce-Framework as your B2C/B2B shop front or integrate Pimcore into 3rd party shop fronts like Magento Commerce, Digital River or Demandware.

Przegląd funkcjonalności

Zarządzanie Cyfrowym Doświadczeniem
Pimcore Experience Manager to oparta na otwartym kodzie źródłowym platforma do zarządzania i dostarczania spersonalizowanych cyfrowych doświadczeń każdemu klientowi na każdym etapie kontaktu.
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Publikacje Wielokanałowe
Udostępniaj swoje treści na dowolnym kanale i w każdym punkcie kontaktu ze swoim klientem. Śmiało korzystaj z rozwiązań wielokanałowych. Zautomatyzuj procesy publikowania, krzyżuj urządzenia i kanały kontaktu, aby cieszyć się bezproblemową komunikacją z klientem.
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Personalizacja i Analityka
Zwiększ zaangażowanie klientów dzięki tworzeniu atrakcyjnych i spersonalizowanych doświadczeń cyfrowych, opartych na wskaźnikach dostarczanych z internetowej analityki KPI i infrastruktury Business Intelligence.
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“We wanted to create a flexible way to deliver content to the customer in a fast and easy way. Pimcore offers a powerful and intuitive interface for the editors to work with.”
Country Manager Digital Channel, IKEA Germany

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